Where I am at Now January 2023

Having had a few health problems over the previous two years my studio practice has not been straightforward and there have been too many interruptions to the flow. Despite this I have managed to produce a small but consistent body of work in pursuit of my primary interest in abstract, colour field paintings using a limited palette of acrylic earth colours, mainly umber and sienna with admixtures of primary hues and black and white. The format is invariably a ready- made square cotton duck canvas usually 1 metre or 70cm. I am still using roller, brush, sponge etc. allowing accidental effects to occur as the paint is applied.

When I am in the process of making images, I am mindful of certain types of classical music (mostly Baroque) and modern jazz, I also have a feeling or correspondence with my other activities which are walking and yoga.

I am pleased to be able to say that my health at present is allowing me to participate in all these activities with enthusiasm and vigour and I am looking forward to continuing to have a regular studio practice and to exhibiting work in the coming year.

I welcome enquiries and would be pleased to see visitors who may be interested in coming to the studio to chat and see my work.

Peter Berry

8th January ‘23

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