LCBDepot Courtyard Gallery, Leicester, 'Colour of Faro' 2014

LCBDepot Courtyard Gallery, Leicester, 2014

John Walter Gallery Cheltenham, 1961
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 1966, 1967
Bux Gallery, Nottingham, 1968
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 1974 (with Sylvani Merilion)
Modern British Artists Gallery, Marylebone, London 2007
LCBDepot, Leicester,  2009
The Gallery, the Atkins Building, Hinckley, Leicestershire, ‘Idea as Object’  2011
LCBDepot,  Terrace Room, Leicester, ‘Black Paintings and Collages’  2014
Harborne Art Gallery, Harborne, Birmingham, (at Frametec) ‘Painting as Process’  2015
Lightbox Gallery, LCBDepot, Leicester: Transitions, with Jackie Gallon, 2016

Selected Group:
Museum and Art Gallery, Cheltenham, 1961
Summerfield Park, Gloucester, ’19 Young Sculptors’ 1962
Whitechapel Gallery, London, ‘Sculptors’ Drawings’ 1962
Museum and Art Gallery, Kidderminster, (with David Prentice) 1966
Birmingham Institute (with John Walker, David Prentice, Fred Bazler) 1966
Arts Council Gallery, Cambridge, 1967
University of Birmingham, 1969
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, (with members of Art Language) curated and exhibited in ‘Psychological Space and Dematerialisation Processes in Art’ 1969
Goethe Institut, Glasgow, Social Sculpture Symposium, (celebrating the life and work of Joseph Beuys), 1995
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, ‘The Beginnings of Ikon’, 2004
City Gallery, Leicester, ’19th Open’ 2007
Showborough House, Twyning, Gloucestershire, ‘Garden Sculpture’ 2008
Barnwell Country Park, Northampton, ‘Contemporary Sculpture’ 2008
City Gallery Leicester, ’20th Open’ 2008
The Gallery Upstairs, Henley-in Arden, Warwickshire, ‘Summer Exhibition’  2009
Geffrye Museum Library, London, ‘Meaning of Objects’ included for reference 2010
The Gallery, the Atkins Building, Hinckley, 2013
New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester, ‘Open 26’ (shortlisted for the Richard Attenborough Prize), 2014
The Garden Galleries, Newarke Houses  Museum , Leicester, ‘Open 26’, 2015
LCBDepot, Leicester, Group5: painting, sculpture and print, 2015
Lightbox Gallery, LCBDepot, Leicester: Transitions, 2016
Lightbox Gallery, LCBDepot, Leicester: Convergence, 2017
Medicine Baker Gallery, Birmingham, ‘Ikon Artists from the 1960s’, 2018